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August 2015 Launch Photos – MASA

Jennifer had her camera at the MASA August 2015 launch.  She captured these shots of some of the rockets taking off.  Enjoy!

Launch Report from July 6th – MASA

Last Sunday was the rescheduled June launch for MASA.  The weather was finally good enough to punch some small holes in the sky (finally!).  The launch was at the VFW athletic fields in Otsego.

The day was a bit windy.  I have been looking forward to flying the Art Applewhite freebie rockets I had downloaded and printer.  I have 5 small ones, that fly on 13mm Estes motors, which are printed on 110 lbs. cardstock.  Cut, fold, and glue gives you a unique little Odd Roc.   The larger rocket is the Priority Stealth rocket.  It is built from a cardboard box, in this case a Priority Mail box.

I started the day with my Cinco rocket.  I flew it on a 1/2A3-4 motor.  It flew up about 30 feet and  fired the ejection charge just after hitting the ground.  A fun little rocket but not quite as exciting.  A 4 second flight?  Really?

I had brought the 29mm Priority Stealth up for the RSO to see when I was putting the Cinco on the pad.  Everyone was interested in the weird thing.  So, I prepped it to fly.  The first igniter pulled out of the engine and fizzed.  The next one would ignite on two tries.  I found a kink in the Copperhead igniter.

Neal was kind enough to loan me a better igniter.   The F20 composite motor fired and the rocket shot off the pad.  Unfortunately turning toward the crowd.  It angled up and over the parking then floated back on the wind till it was about even with the launch pads.  When I inspected the rockit, I could see that the cardboard give it and cause the rocket to twist on the rob.  I need to add a lug and strengthen the holes on the rocket.

Next up was our Qubit drag race.  Jenny was anxious for the US to beat Canada.  It seems only fair after the Winter Olympics.  So the USA Qubit had a A10-0 and the Canada Qubit (eh!) flew on a 1/2A3-4.   Canada was off the pad first but US went higher and longer.  Not quite a fair race, but who said it would be fair!

Jenny flew her Estes Flutterby.  The engine section flew much further then the nose section.  I was starting to melt so I decided I would launch my last one, the Pyramid.  It flew beautifully!

So, a great June Launch on July 6th.

For more info on the rockets I flew, go to Art Applewhite Rockets.